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Car Audio Competition

Many car audio enthusiasts decide to compete with their car stereo systems. There are basically two types of competitions that I will touch on here. 

The first type of competition is SPL. SPL competition measures the sound pressure level of your car audio system. Depending on the sanctioning body depends on where the microphone is placed within your vehicle. USACi for instance in the Outlaw SPL divisions will place the microphone in your passenger kick panel. In this sanctioning body you are given two 30 second "runs" to play your stereo as loud as you can.

With all vehicles and car stereo installations, the is what I like to refer to as a "sweet frequency". The sweet frequency when played will produce a higher SPL reading at the same volume. If you are going to compete, it is vital that you take your ride to a Car Audio Dealer and have them measure and tune your car. They will provide you with your "sweet frequency". 

The "sweet frequency" varies vehicle to vehicle. It is dependant on the acoustic of your vehicle, the equalization of your audio setup, and the tuned frequency of your enclosure. If you can get all of these to match, your "sweet frequency" can be optimized. 

I wish I could give you a magic number here, but I can not. There are just to many variables here to consider. 

Direction of the ports and the way your subwoofers face also have a great deal of importance in the overall performance of your car audio system. Generally speaking, it is better to have your subs and ports facing towards the rear of your vehicle. In my competition vehicle, I gained roughly 2 decibels by turning my enclosure around!!

With all of the different sanctioning bodies of car audio competition, you should research each one and find which one is best for you. Some factors may include how many subwoofers you have installed and their size or how much wattage you are providing to your subwoofers. 

Within each sanctioning body, there are different divisions, from beginner to expert and from stock to super modified. Find the class that works best for you, and build your stereo system around it.

Sound Quality is another type of competition. This measures the quality of your system as opposed to how loud your system is. There are also different sanctioning bodies for this type of competition, however you will find some offer competition positions for both SPL and sound quality.