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System Build and an example of a Competition Car Audio Vehicle

This page will detail the steps I took in order to build my competition car audio system.  It is much easier if you have all of your components before you start, but if you don't start with laying the ground work.

Initially I began with the wiring of the vehicle.  This included running power wire and RCA cables to the trunk.  I also began laying sound dampening material in the trunk, doors, headliner, and floor.  Here are some pics!

Battery Wiring Power cable lead into the trunk
RCA leads running into the trunk Sound dampening material on the trunk lid.


My next step was two-fold.  I installed the head unit (sony cd-player) and began working on the enclosure.  The enclosure specs were provided by Cadence, however if your sub manufacturer can not recommend enclosure sizes, try the software called WinISD.  It will graph enclosure outputs!  Here are some pics!

Head unit installation Beginning of the speaker enclosure
Subwoofer enclosure looking from the front seat, back to the woofer enclosure

With these items complete, I mounted my capacitor and subwoofers.  I also built an amplifier mounting board where the subwoofer amp and component amplifier are mounted. 

Subwoofers High-powered capacitor

There are definitely more steps involved here, and a lot of it depends on the amount of equipment and your individual setup.  I hope I have hit on some key points here, and can at least get you started in the right direction.  As always, if in doubt, please ask someone!  You local car audio dealer or online dealer are usually more than happy to answer any questions you may have.  Enjoy your new audio system, and let us know how yours turns out!  We will be happy to post a profile here,...just email it to us!

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